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Can you imagine valuing, progressing with and enjoying your riding way beyond your expectations? As horse lovers it is vital that we believe that the horses we ride are happy and healthy in their roles. Equally important should be our own health and fitness from a physical, spiritual and psychological level. Packed with unique practical tips, illustrations and clearly explained rider training  suitable for all types of rider at whatever level or discipline, from hacking to eventing .Enhance rider effectiveness, combat nerves, get solutions to common ridden problems, improve feel, fitness, become one with your horse and much more... Step into Enhanced Riding and achieve your dreams...Enjoy the ride.... Please read more about the Enhanced Riding book by clicking on our 'About Us' and 'Enhanced Riding' pages above! 


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Enhanced Riding is a series of articles published by The Arabian Magazine http://www.thearabianmagazine.com written by equestrian author, Wendy Bliss, who is also a freelance horse riding instructor based in the North West.

The Enhanced Riding Series are a collection of educational and inspiring articles written by Wendy to provide unique tips for riders of all levels, from beginners to advanced competitive and for all disciplines. Following the success of Wendy's writing and her proven methods, the Enhanced Riding Series is now being developed into a book!

The objective and main aim of the book, to be named, Enhanced Riding, is to help improve our riding both psychologically and physically resulting in a powerful, kinder and more effective partnership between horse and rider... 

The book will hopefully be available to puchase within 18 months.


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